It’s the anointing that breaks yokes, sets the captives free, heals the sick, and awakens the dead. It’s the anointing that makes the difference. Not your long exasperated efforts. It’s the anointing.

Partner with the Holy Spirit and do what God has called you to do with His anointing.

It will empower you to go forth and do all that He has called you to do, with grace.

The Lord is wanting us to partner with the Holy Spirit. Because, there are some things that cannot be completed the way God wants them to be until we partner with Him and receive His anointing.

God doesn’t want us to just live by the letter but He wants us to allow Him to breathe on the Word He has spoken. He brings new life. He breaks chains. He sets the captives free.
He wants all we do to have that type of power, authority, and effect on others. But, in order for that to happen, we have to wait and receive and go forth the way He would like – with His Spirit and in His anointing.

God is desiring to pour out His Spirit on sons and daughters but we have to be still enough and hungry enough to receive what He wants to give.

God has spoken a word pertaining to your destiny, and you will have to embrace His Spirit to get there.

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You are ready for this. Take it one step at a time. Do not get overwhelmed. I will lead you, guide you and direct you. I know the way that you should go. Follow My lead. Take My hand and know that I have your best interest in mind. Know that I care tenderly for you and that I will NEVER leave you not forsake you. You are on the right road and this road is the one to Damascus. I will change you in the twinkling of an eye and people, as will you, will be stunned in who I turn you into and what I will lead you to do.

Things you use to do you won’t do anymore.

Because, I have given you a heart change.

You have encountered Me and one encounter with Me is enough to change your entire life. Keep walking. Be steady and Be ready to transform into the person you never thought you could be, before your eyes & others. I am getting ready to change you into the person that I have called you to be. You will never be the same. 

The term “Before someone’s eyes” means: in a very open and visible way so that someone can see it very clearly.

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