The Master’s Insight

Ask God for His insight.
He will reveal His perspective and show you which way to take. It is important that we seek God for His leadership, for His plan and for His vision for our lives.

We see that Joseph, Mary’s husband, sought The Lord and waited on His insight often. He was not hasty in making decisions. He was not determined to stick to his own plans nor was he anchored to any in particular ideas; but he was open and led by insight given to him by The Master. The Master’s insight gave him instruction and direction on what steps to take next in his life.

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What is God saying, now?

You have to be ready for change. You have to stay in tune with the proceeding word of God. God is always speaking. Do not become so familiar with His voice that you do not honor it and do not become so skeptical of His voice that you do not trust it. Grow in your intimacy with The Lord so that you can recognize His voice and continue to honor it because of your love, reverence and respect for Him.

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