Run and Return

Run and return.

When the prodigal found out he was in the wrong location he returned back to the place where provision was, back to the place His Father was. There are times when we realize we have drifted out of the place God designed us to be in for a certain time period and we find ourself in a worse off circumstance. It is during that time we need to run and return to The Father and ask him to reposition us to our right place, the place He would like us settled. Waiting to return will leave you desolate, depressed, and desperate. Run and return to The Father who always welcomes us back home and ask Him to reposition you to the place He knows you belong. Ask Him to seat you in His will because there is no good thing out of it. We notice even when the prodigal son took a good thing (the inheritance) out of The Fathers Will it was no longer good. Ask God to reposition you in His will for your life and enjoy the sweet satisfying life that He has for you. Whereas it may have been undesirable before hand, after experiencing life on your own you will experience a new found peace and fulfillment in what once bothered you. Run and return to Your Father whenever you find yourself out of position and ask Him to reposition you where he desires for you to be and to where you rightfully belong because elf who you are, in Him.


With love,

Kendria Shanae

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