It won’t be the same.

However things used to be…


What didn’t work last time, will work this time. Don’t let past disappointments or pain keep you from trying again with God!


Don’t let loss and hurt keep you from trying again with God.


God has a purpose and a plan for Your life and He is not done using you.


Try again, with God.


This time won’t be like the last.


What if Ruth never tried to re-marry….I’m sure the loss of her husband brought great hurt, pain and disappointment but she didn’t let her past negative experience keep her from trying again, with God. She followed the leadership of Naomi and what was devastating in a previous season brought great joy and restoration in the next. Don’t be afraid to try again, with God. If you follow the leadership of The Holy Spirit, what ended and was devastating in a previous season will now be a different experience and bring great joy and sweet restoration because in comparison to last time, it won’t be the same. You will have a different experience and ending this time around as your partner with God and let His Spirit lead. 


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