Prayer for consistency, continued obedience and faithfulness.

It’s easy to obey one or two times but you will need continued obedience to carry out what God puts within you.


Mary had to continue to steward, care and raise her child the way she was supposed to even after birthing HIM.


She couldn’t neglect this promise.


There are somethings that we get and then give back to The Lord, like Samuel and Hannah but then there are other times we receive things and we are called to carefully oversee, protect and cover them.


Mary had a tall task before her.


Birthing was only part of the promise.


Mary was called to nurture and birth the promise as well as nurture and grow the promise. She was called to see what was entrusted to her all the way until the end. 


Tend to what God has given you. You are called to nurture and grow even after birth and delivery. God wants you to see what He has entrusted you with all the way until the end. He wants you to witness it fully developed and in its final state. He wants you to stick with the process of cultivating and caring for what has been entrusted to you even though you may experience a change of plans along the way. 


Be consistent, walk in continued obedience and remain faithful to Him and what He has entrusted you with all the way until the end. 


Remain consistent, obedient and faithful in spite of any change of plans that He asks to to accept. Because any change of plans that He presents you with is for your good and the good of what He has entrusted you with.


With love,

Kendria Shanae 


Scripture Reference:

Matthew 2

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