A Change of Plans

Saul had a plan but God had another.


How set are you on fulfilling your plans? Or are you open and willing to shift and embrace a change of plans?


We all have to be willing to lay down our lives and to follow Christ at any given moment.


The fisherman were fishing for fish but God said uh…change of plans and called them to fish for men.


Are you willing to follow God’s command and to shift when and how he tells you to?


I have a feeling God is going to be giving out some new plans soon. And it is critical that you are open and willing to adjust, shift and accept the change of plans that God reveals. 


Joseph had a plan when he was with Mary in Bethlahem in Judea. But when he went to sleep he had to dream and the Lord told him to escap to Egypt. This was obviously not something that Jospeh planned to do. But that did not negate the fact that there was a change of plans. 


If Joseph would not have listened he would have put himself and what he was entrusted to cover in danger.


Be open and willing to shift and embrace God’s change of plans if and when He presents them to you.


It will not only preserve your life but it will protect that which you have been entrusted with.


Shift swiftly. Obey promptly. God is trying to put you in a new position where you will safely nurture what He has entrusted you with.


It’s birthing season and you need to be in a special location to birth this promise out safely.


Embrace any changes of plans that may arise because this next move is for your good and the safety of the promise you have been entrusted to birth, nurture, and grow. 


With love,

Kendria Shanae 


Scripture Reference:

Matthew chapter 2


See video for more regarding this Word.




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