It’s time to fight back and respond as God would like you to. You don’t always receive the promises of God easily. You don’t always walk in your calling and purpose easily. FIGHT BACK and respond as God would like you to.

Jacob had to wrestle the angel of The Lord to receive His blessing. WRESTLE with whatever is keeping you from moving forward in the way you should go. WRESTLE with God, let Him know you are struggling. Let Him know you need Him. Let Him know you need help and breakthrough. WRESTLE with Him, He doesn’t mind, and I believe He will respond. 

It is like the persistent widow, mentioned in Luke 18:1-8, who wouldn’t stop asking the judge to justify her! God uses that parable to show us how He wants us to be persistent in prayer. Wrestle in prayer, wrestle for what you want. 

Wrestle with what’s coming against. Be relentless and determined to receive what is yours.

Jacob told the angel of The Lord, ‘I am not let you go unless you bless me!’ Genesis 32:26.

Be persistent, be determined. WRESTLE. Enough is enough. Sickness, poverty, lack is not your portion. WRESTLE with God in prayer and anything that may come against you to receive what is yours.

How do you know what is yours? …The Word of God.

The Bible says…by His stripes we are healed, it says never have I seen the righteous forsaken, it says that the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous, it says that God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly and above all that you can ask among or think!

Take God at His Word and WRESTLE for it, if need be. Enough is enough. God says you are more than a conquer through Christ who loves you and that is what you will be. In Jesus Name. A victor, that receives the promises of the Lord – even if required to wrestle – through prayer. 

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