Increase is coming to those that decrease.

You those have to make room for The Lord. The Holy Spirit doesn’t have any room to fill you when you are full of yourself. Decrease, ask The Lord to fill you with His precious Holy Spirit … fill yourself His precious Holy Word, so that He may increase within you and within your life.

We can not move on our own accord or in our our stregthen… we need the wonder, working power of The Holy Spirit to advance. Not by power, not by might, but by My Spirit Says The Lord (Zachariah 4:6).

Yield to The Holy Spirit and let Him lead you onward.

The more you yield, the more God can move.

Yield to God, give Him a fresh submission today and watch Him move on your behalf – within you- and through you like never before.

Submit…yield to The Holy Spirit and decrease – rid yourself, of pride and everything else unlike God and He will surely increase within you and your life.


Pride is a killer. It will kill your sensitivity to the things of God, the heart of God and the voice of God. Pride hardens your heart and distances you from God. (James 4:6). Pride keeps you from being full of God.



How to discern if pride has risen in your life and if you have exalted yourself above God:


1. You do not pray – you move without God. You are not reliant on The Holy Spirit. You believe that you can accomplish things without God.

2. You no longer worship God in Spirit and truth. You see yourself as the one worthy of praise so your praise and worship life diminishes.

3. You see yourself as better than others and as God’s one and only chosen one. Therefore it is hard to receive encouragement or learn from others because you feel as if God only communes with you or is most close with you.

4. You have constant exalted thoughts of yourself. Thoughts of how gifted and accomplished, (etc.), you are.


Ways to resist pride and remain humble:
1. Pray
2. Praise and Worship
3. Serve others
4. Interceed for others

It is important that we do what we can to remain humble and lowly in spirit. And, countinue to rid ourselves of everything else unlike God so that as we decrease and He may increase within us. (John 3:30).

“He must increase, but I must decrease.”
John 3:30


With love,

Kendria Shanae


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