It’s not over. It was all a setup- for a miracle.

For a miracle to take place…
There is a need. You ask for help. God responds. You see nothing. You see the opposite of what God said. You run out of time. There is nothing you can do. Everything is out of your control. No one can help. You feel like it’s too late for a miracle. You feel like it’s dead and gone.

Jesus steps in. Does what only He can do. So that He can get ALL the glory and you can not boast in the move of God.

Oftentimes other people will see your downfall and struggle but they will also see your comeback and resurrection and praise your God.

God has set you up for a miracle, to get all the glory and bring more people into His kingdom.

Don’t be downtrodden. But believe God. He is about to move on your behalf, for all to see.


“You thought it was too late, but here I come – to do what only I can do – to do what I said I would do … I love you.”


Says The Spirit of The Living God


John 11: 1-44

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