God ordained kingdom marriages are coming soon. There will be an influx of divine connections from The Father. God will be joining husbands and wives together for holy matrimony and He wants His people to remain together for it pleases Him and brings Him much glory. These kingdom couple that are about to join in union will serve kingdom purposes and will advance the kingdom of God.

Make sure you are ready to receive and maintain your husband or wife for the day of kingdom marriages are quickly approaching.

Do a self check, by looking at the life of Ruth. Ruth was prepared to marry Boaz before she got married. She was submissive, kind, considerate, selfless, helpful, respectful and a good helper. Boaz was also prepared to get married before he joined Ruth. He was submissive, kind, considerate, hard working, and followed order. They were both submissive which is necessary in marriage. They wife is to submit to the husband who submits to God.

God wants us to be faithful to Him and our spouses when the day of marriage comes. Prepare your mind now to be faithful to God and your spouse when things get Rocky. Study scriptures that pretain to love, long suffering, endurance, faithfulness, forgiveness, meekness, self control and selflessness now – so that when hard times come you can overcome and countinue to enjoy your helpmeet, your purpose partner.

With love,
Kendria Shanae

Supporting and Helpful Scripture to Prepare:

Ephesians 5:21-33, and Proverbs 31:10-31

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