12 thoughts on “The Master’s Insight”

  1. Wow, so much meat here from the word of God. TY for this insight and revelation. It answers a lot of questions I had And confirms what the Holy Spirit has been speaking to my heart.

  2. This is so so good, thank you sister for your diligence in listening and doing what the FATHER said for you to do, now we are blessed and encouraged to seek the FATHER and listen to HIM to do what HE has for us to do, and someone will be blessed by that, Amen I just love the LORD and how HE is with us, thank you again sister, love you and your ministry GOD richly bless you as you move forward and help build the Kingdom of GOD!!!

  3. Thank you so much for that. I am thankful for all of you all’s comments and I am thrilled to hear that God is speaking to and blessing you all. I pray that He continues to do so, forever. May God bless us.
    And, again, thank you!
    Hallelujah to The King. All glory to God

  4. Wow that same morning I had a dream from Him, amazing! And it changed my life direction. God is unbelievably good!

  5. I certainly appreciate your consistency and amount of work you put into encouraging your brothers and sisters in Christ. I love your insight and obvious heart felt desire to keep us growing in Christ and keeping us aware of his rich blessings! My prayer is that you are richly blessed. Love back at you!

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