Choose TODAY

There is about to be a division between what is right and what is wrong. No longer will people get by with living double lives, by being luke warm, by being a Christian here and living for the world another place. Choose this day whom you will serve, says The Lord. The choice is yours.


The Lord gives us free will. That’s what makes being a Christian so awesome. You are not forced or guilt-ed into serving The Lord. The Word says He draws us in with loving-kindness. He loves us, calls us and then gives us the option to choose Him.

Today the Lord is reminding and beckoning you in love to choose Him, over and over again.

He is patient in us deciding but a day will come when He will spit out all those who are not on fire for Him. Do not get caught on the day of His return, unprepared.

The Lord says, choose THIS DAY whom you will serve.


With lots of love,

Kendria Shanae

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