4 Ways To Identify Your God-Given Purpose

4 Ways to identify your God-given purpose…

Just in case you are unsure of your purpose, below are four ways to help you identify or clarify your God-given purpose.

—-> Pause. Before I share the four ways to identify your purpose let me say that everyone has a God-given purpose. (If Satan himself has a purpose and is being used by God then surely you and I have a purpose. LOL. And no it is not too late [or too early] to pursue your purpose. Today is the perfect time to begin and continue the best life you have ever had. 

Okay…onto the four ways to identify or clarify your God-given purpose…

1: You feel called or lead to do it.

You may or may not always feel like doing it but there is a CONSTANT leading or impression that this is what God want to do.

2: You are anointed and graced to do it. 

Whereas others may work day in and day out, you have can complete tasks that along with this with ease. (Not to say that you do not put in effort, or study, but you simply have a supernatural grace / ability to do it well). I.E you be graced to dance, sing, write, do hair, preach, teach, create art., etc.

3: This may sound counterintuitive to number two but it is not…you will be able to identify a purpose by the different struggles and hardships in your life. The pain of your past has turned into passion to help others avoid or overcome the same thing. The Lord may use your gift (the thing you’re supernaturally graced to do) to help/reach those/what you’re passionate about. 

4: If you look back over your life and think about how your life has evolved… You can see how the Lord has been molding you, preparing you, and inciting your interest towards it since you were a child.

Think back over your life. What has the Lord been calling you to do? What you gifted in? What have been hardships in your life? What are you passionate about?

Calling + Ability + Passion = God given purpose 

Ecclesiastics 1:9 says that there is nothing new under the sun, that means what you have gone through someone else has gone through it as well or will go through it. 

Therefore that means whenever you walk in your purpose you will always help another. 

(And if I might add, you will also inspire countless others who see you boldly doing what God has called you to do the same. Whether their calling is the same as yours, they will be encouraged to do whatever the Lord has called them to do.) 

I hope this post has helped you identify and has brought clarity to your God given purpose and has encouraged you to boldly walk in it. 

Well I love y’all and yay to now living a purpose driven life. 🎉💕

Kendria Shanae 

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