The appointed time has come

The appointed time has come. Reach for it. Believe God for it. See it in the Spirit and you will soon see it in the natural. Faith is key. The time is now.

You get what you expect. God is ready to release miracles but He needs and is waiting on your expectation to rise. You have to see it, before you see it. You have to see it in the spirit before you see it in the natural.

God rewards faith. He wants you to take him at his word and simply believe all he said was true. He will match your faith and then supersede it. No eye has seen. No ear has heard, all that is in store for those that love Him. Faith shows your love for Him. It shows your obedience and willingness to follow through. Faith is a indicator and symbol of your heart towards the Father.

Get ready to see miracles and prepare by seeing them in the spirit first. You have to see it, before you see it. Speak those things that are not as though they are. Praise him in advance. When you see the vision, move in faith. Faith without works is dead. God says it’s going to be your faith that gets this one. Your faith. Your belief. Your faith filled actions.

Sometimes all you have to do is believe. That’s what God has been waiting on you to do. He has just been waiting on you to believe. Doubt has been the cause of the delay.

-God is simply waiting on you to believe Him for it.-

Waiting on your words to sink in your heart.

Trust Him for it. He is good for it. He is stretching your faith so you can see Him in new ways. See Him move and then you will see Him move. This has all been about your faith. Because it is impossible to please Him without it.

Stretch out and reach! Stop waiting on God to give you the approval for this. Stop waiting in stagnancy. God says reach for what you want the time is now.

The woman with the issue of blood saw that Jesus was passing by and reached for His garment. Full of faith she reached and received what she needed and desired. I decree and declare the wait is over. Reach for what you need-for what you desire. The time is now. The barrier, the cause of the delay (doubt) has been removed. Let Faith arise. Now reach and receive what you need and desire. Thus says the Lord. The appointment time has come.

Ezekiel 12:28
“Therefore say to them, this is what the sovereign Lord says: none of my words will be delayed any longer; whatever I say will be for filled, declares the sovereign Lord.”

God is doing it. Now. Now reach.

In Jesus Name, Amen.

With lots of love,

Kendria Shanae

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