How to enter into your Promise Land

There is no better place than in the will of God. I can sense that The Lord is doing a new thing and He is calling a lot of His children into transition -into uncharted territories; into places, opportunities, relationships they have never seen before. While the new thing God is doing may seem appealing and desirable it is still frightening, simply because it is …new – and requires sacrifice. But the Lord wants to bring comfort to His people and reassure them that His plans for them are good and that they can trust His character and His leadings.


God is taking His people into uncharted territory for them to claim it as their own,

but the possession will require a fight.

There is always opposition in moving forward into things of God.


-But God has prepared you during the process – in the leading up to this point for the fight. You will simply have to apply all that you have learned. He has taught your fingers how to fight, He has taught you how to put on the whole armor of God. He has taught you how to use the sword of The Word – now it is time to do so. Recant Godś character, how He has revealed Himself to you during the process and hold on. Remember the lessons you have learned and keep them on the forefront of your mind, and most importantly do not look back. God wants you fully present in your Promise Land and throughout the entire transition process.



On the way to the Promise Land, the Children of Israel started to complain about being fed manna and cried out for fish and things that fed them in Egypt.  The Children of Israel craved for things of the past to fulfill them when God was supernaturally providing for them all that they needed – God was giving them Himself. He is the Bread of Heaven, the True Manna.

Because The Lord heard their cry and saw that their heart was in the past, He gave them what they desired and asked for. He gave them quail…meat…food, food that was suppose to sustain them in an old place and as a result, they died. The Word says, “But while the meat was still between their teeth and before it could be consumed, the anger of the Lord burned against the people, and He struck them with a severe plague. 34 Therefore the place was named Kibroth Hattaavah, because there they buried the people who had craved other food.” Numbers 11: 33-34. The name Kibroth Hattaavah means ¨gaves of craving¨. I believe the anger of the Lord burned against them because He was offended, offended that they craved for other things, things of the past, as if He was not good enough, as if His provision was not enough.                                    


Again, God wants us fully present, (while in transition to our Promise Land and after we arrive), content, and completely convinced that He is enough. God wants our heart. He wants us to go to Him for fulfillment, not our past – or anything outside of Him.


Your land is here

and God is saying it is yours but you are going to have to cooperate with Him to conquer, fully claim, and possess what it yours. God wants you to know that you have made it but it is going to require FAITH to possess what it is yours.


-Faith in His Word

-Faith in His Promises


-Faith in His Character


God told Moses to send 12 spies to examine the land that He was giving them, but only two of the twelve spies came back with a positive report. Only two had faith in Godś Word -that He was giving them the land (so even if they did have to fight, the victory was already theirs). Only two had faith that the land God was giving them was their promise and that it was good. Only two saw the land as something worth fighting for. Joshua and Caleb, the two spies that perceived the land (Canaan) as a blessing, I believe were also the only two that had faith in Godś character. I believe they took note and remembered Godś love and faithfulness. I can imagine they recanted how God brought them through the last battle and would do so again.


You have arrived.

The time to cross into your land is now but that does not mean they you will receive your promise easily. God told Moses the land was theirs in the first verse of chapter 13 but they still had to fight to possess it. (Numbers 13).


Perhaps you have arrived to your promise land but have been discouraged because their is an enemy on site. The enemy could be (fear, anxiety, another person, conflict, the enemy could be a number of different things) but God is saying you heard right…´the land is yours, now take it by force, move forward and receive all that I have for you.´


How do you prevail through battle and receive all that is yours?


…Through Prayer.


Matthew 11:12 says, ¨From the days of John the Baptist until now the Kingdom of God is violent and the violent take it by force¨.


There are times when you have to violently take what is your through prayer.


I read a quote yesterday by Tony Evans and he said “Prayer gets God to release what he already intends for you to have.” …TRUTH


I believe God makes prayer a requirement because He knows if He gave us the blueprint and vision and all the details of how to receive a thing we would go off and leave Him. God wants to be apart of every step of our journey (the process, the conquering, the receiving, and the fulfilling of the purpose. God wants to be with us. He wants to be in constant commune with us, in every season.


Now although you have arrived (or are about to arrive in your Promise Land -if you follow the Lordś leadings), know that God cares more about your character and your relationship with Him than He cares about your receiving the promise. God can and will rise up another to fulfil the purpose behind the promise if that is what it takes to keep you in right standing and in relationship with Him. God cares more about what is in us and our relationship with Him than He cares about what is in our hand.


So as you move forward into your Promise Land, remember that God has purpose in mind. The whole point of entering into a Promise Land is to fulfill a purpose. God has people – souls on His mind. He wants to bless you but He also simultaneously wants to use to to bless others.


Stay close to The Lord, enjoy your Promise – contend for what you need to contend for, and fulfil the purpose of The Lord in your Promise Land. The time has come.


-Key Points to remember when transitioning into your Promise Land-


  • Move forward, trust Him despite how things look
  • Do NOT doubt. ( Grumbling, complaining, doubt, fear and unbelief is what kept the first generation of Israelites from entering into the Promise Land).

Doubt and unbelief can not only delay you (turned a 14 day trip into 40 years of Wandering for the first generation of Israelites) it can destroy the plan at hand in your life (the first generation of Israelites never made it) God wants us to be people of FAITH. It is impossible to please God without faith and believing that He is, – Hebrews 11:6

  • Do NOT look back
  • Do NOT move ahead of God or lag behind Him when transitioning into your Promise

          Stay in relationship with Him and in tune with His leadings

  • DO everything God has taught you along the way when you are put to the test or called to a time to contend. I.E. pray
  • Remember how God has revealed Himself to you
  • Keep Godś purpose in your mind
  • And most importantly, when you arrive do NOT forget the Lord.

          Everything that has been and will be is for His glory.


The process is to prepare you for what you will have to do in your promise and during the conquering stage(s).


SO happy transitioning,

& congratulations on entering into your Promis Land,

God has purpose on His mind!

(and don´t you forget it)…


Saved, renewed, and regenerated souls, in the name of Jesus.


Love yáll…a lot,

Now & Forever,

Kendria Shanae

*A portion of the Word via video*

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