How to Press Into The Presence of The Lord

 Word of The Lord

I want my people to seek me. To set time aside to seek my face. Seek me for who I really am. I want my people to sacrifice time, out of love for me, and a desire to have a better, more in depth relationship with me. My people are confused and are lacking direction because they are not dwelling in my presence and listening to my voice. They are begging for my presence, they are begging for me to speak to them with a hint of hopelessness. They are slightly doubting that I am present and that I will speak to them. I will never turn back on my word. I am not a man that I shall lie. I said that I would never leave them not forsake them, I said that I would send them a helper that would speak to them, help them, and comfort them. I am not a man that I shall lie. I am always present, but at times I do hide my presence so my people can seek Me. Though some may not sense my presence or hear my voice initially, at the brink of their pursuit, they do not have to beg to see or hear from Me, all they have to do is press.

Quick teaching to show the connection between Moses Tabernacle and pressing into The presence of the God and hearing from Him through prayer.


​Moses’s Tabernacle
Back in the day, Moses built a tabernacle for the pathway to God’s presence. There were 3 sections to the tabernacle. The first section was the outer courts, the second was the Holy Place, and the third was the Holy of Holies. The Ark of the Covenant was located in the Holy of Holies. The ark represented the Glory of God; God’s presence. Back then, nobody could enter the Holy of Holies except for the high priest. But now, as believers, because of Jesus, we can all enter into the Holy of Holies but it requires a pressing. (Thank God for Jesus. He made a way!)
In the outer court there was an alter of sacrifice and a lavar, like a pool of water. Everyone was welcomed in the outer courts, people would come and bring their animal sacrifice to God and cleanse themselves in the pool of water.
Everyone was welcomed to the outer courts, but nobody could go any further into the Holy Place, unless you were a part of the Jewish priestly tribe. The Holy Place and the outer courts were separated by a curtain. If you went past the curtain into the Holy Place you were considered to be in the tabernacle of witness. When you walked in you saw the incense from the Holy of Holies in front of you and you had a lamp stand to you left and a table of bread to you right.
Like I said earlier, only the high priest at that time could go further into the Holy of Holies. But now we all have access. (Not just the pastors, or those perceived highly, ALL believers have access. You and me can now press into the Holy of Holies and hear clearly from the Lord). We all have access into the intimate presence of God but it involves going along a path, just like Moses’s tabernacle. In reference to the tabernacle, the pathway to the presence of God is prayer. God says that there are 3 different parts of prayer, there is asking-seeking-and knocking.

Pressing into the Presence of The Lord and hearing from Him through Prayer

The outer courts would be considered the asking part of prayer.
In the outer courts is where you ask God to forgive you for your sins and you ask Him to meet your needs. The outer courts is where you are presenting your request to God. You ask Him to cover you needs, your family needs, etc. Your presenting your request to The Lord, with a thankful heart. You may stay here about 30 minutes, if that. It is in the outer courts where the enemy attacks your mind. We are bombarded by doubt, discouragement, disbelief and distraction. The enemy tries to steal our focus in this place. Because he knows the longer you stay in this place the closer you get to the Holy Place.

So, you may stay in the outer courts 15, 20, 30, 45 minutes all the while getting closer to the Holy Place. It is in the Holy Place where a change happens. You transition from asking to seeking. You are no longer asking God to meet your needs or grant the desires of your heart. In this place, you are seeking the face of God. You are longing to see God for who he really is, not just for what He can do. In the Holy Place in Moses Tabernacle there was a lamp stand and a table of bread which I believe could be symbolic for the Word of God. (In Psalms David said your Word will be a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. And, The Word is oftentimes referred to as Bread of life). But anyways, in the Holy Place you are meditating on God’s nature, the face of God seen in the Word. In the Holy Place you transition from praying in English to praying in your heavenly language. Tongues. You are focused on the face of God and praying the perfect will of God. Upon thinking on His nature, you become in awe and emotions arise, you begin to worship God. Worship may look different for each person. In the Holy Place your mind is illuminated, and you receive fresh revelation of who God is (which explain why we are prompted to worship, are in awe and emotions arise).

As you linger in this place, God will transition you into the Holy of Holies. The Holy of Holies is the knocking. Your worship is knocking on the door, and God answers. In this place your emotions cease and you are still in the presence of the Lord. Your soul is silenced (mind, will, and emotions) and you are just still before Him. It is in the presence of the Lord, in the Holy of Holies, that you hear clearly from Him. He is speaking directly to you, revealing mysteries, secrets, answering questions. He is leading you and guiding you. In this place, God gives you insight and wisdom that only comes from Him. You are in deep fellowship. The presence of The Lord is tangible. You can literally sense Him. You can hear Him, you can feel him, you can see Him. (He will give you visuals – mental pictures). You will know that you in the midst of The Lord.

This is what Psalm 42:7 means, “Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls all you waves and breakers have swept me over.” You and God are in close commune. Close fellowship, dwelling together. The depths of your Spirit are calling to the depths of God’s Spirit and the waves of His glory are washing over you.

Being in the Holy of Holies is the goal.

David wrote in Psalm 27: 4 “That one this have I desired of the Lord, that I will seek after, that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to inquire in His temple.” David was saying the one thing he desired, that he was willing to SEEK after, was to dwell house of The Lord, The Holy of Holies, behold His beauty and inquire / commune in His presence.

So I believe the Lord is saying that He is calling us to sacrifice more of our time to seek Him out. He says we have been stopping too early in prayer, we have been stopping in the outer courts. He wants us to move in the Holy Place and into His presence. (P.S. Don’t neglect the asking. God said we have not because we have not. He just wants us to press in into the seeking and into His presence).

And the Lord says that His people will stop doubting His voice the more time they spend in His presence communing with Him.

Confidence in the Lord’s voice comes over time and with experience. Seek Him out. Press in until you enter The Holy of Holies. He is waiting to manifest His presence and speak to you like never before.

Personal testimony. A couple of weeks ago I was praying and I had pressed into the Holy of Holies and I started receiving crazy long prophecies. And as I was writing them down, (I felt like the Lord literally took control of my hand), I thought in my mind, I have never received Words like this before. And the Lord told me that “you have not received from me like this before because you have not sought me like this before.”

So that is the word of the Lord, that is what he wants to do for YOU. He wants to give you more. He wants to give me more. So, we are going to have to sacrifice some more of our time, seek Him out and dwell in His presence, in the Holy of Holies.

In His presence we will find clarity, direction, wisdom, insight, etc.; we will dwell in the manifested presence of the Lord. Which nothing compares to.

So here is to us pressing in, encountering the Lord and hearing clearly from Him!

With lots of love,
Kendria Shanae


7 thoughts on “How to Press Into The Presence of The Lord”

  1. Thank you WOG no one has really clarified or gave a full description of how to press forward And this have given me direction.In my natural I feel as though nothing happening and I want to give up!However, I keep receiving word to not give up!pray for me while I’m in this wilderness.I count figure anything out what’s my next move on life.I know God has something way bigger than what I see!keep me lifted that i will receive stability and breakthrough in every area of my life!In Jesus mighty name Amen

  2. Bless the servant of the Lord, may He continually overflow your cup in His presence daily,revealing His truth,mysterious and His heart.Thank you as you endeavour to give off yourself,time, patience for HIS will and for His kingdom.

  3. This is amazing, thank you for this, at the same time I am sad because I didn’t know how press in and yes I’ve been the one to say “why can’t I hear you God?”. Usually I’ve just been there talking to Him or praising Him. And I really want this more than anything. I would be talking to the King of the Universe, the Father that made me. But I’ve been redeemed only 2 years ago and you said it comes with experience. I am going to keep trying. What is the average time spent from outer courts to get to the Holy of Hollies, as in total time spent praying? Just to have an idea.

    Thank you so much and may He bless you!

    1. Before I knew that God loved to commune with us, I spent years ( ~ 5, if not MORE, years ) in the outer courts; there is nothing to be sad about. He is listening to you and loves the time spent with you. Dwell a little longer and dialogue with Him. Read The Word, Praise and Worship, Get Still, Dwell, and you will hear Him speak. You will be able to confirm what He says with the Word of God. I mentioned approximate times to spend in the outer courts within the post but it is completely relative. The time may change day to day, depending on what is on your heart and the leading of The Holy Spirit. (The same is true for time spent in The Holy Place, time varies). God may call us to press in for hours or DAYS, but it is all worth it -because it is in the seeking we get to know Him. Which is what He desires. Continue to press in, pass the outer courts and know that He is with you in it all. Happy for you and may a sweet refreshing come to your relationship with The Lord, in The Name of Jesus!

      Redeemed and Refreshed, that’s you!

      He loves you.


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