My heart’s desire is to help lead people into a deeper relationship with The Lord. Whether through preaching, teaching, prophesying, praying, or everyday life interactions – I long to share the heart of God in simplicity so that all may understand, encounter, and embrace Him.

Awakening and reviving a person’s love for God with the love of God is my life mission.

Alongside my love and passion for God and people I also enjoy reading, writing, running and making tasty vegan food. I try to do all things for His glory. My favorite color is purple and I adore flowers. All things floral!

Outside of my passions, professionally, I am a teacher, and flight attendant, and business professional. I take delight in all that I do and it is my prayer that you would see and take delight in Him through all that I do.

May you be blessed beyond anything you can image as you parooze and grow in intimacy with God and in knowledge of Him.



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